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Monthly scientific-theoretical and production
journal "Agrarian science” – international edition of Interstate council on
agrarian science and information of UIS countries

Founded 1992.

Agrarian science ISSN 0869-8155 (Russian ed. Print)

In this edition are widely cover a scientific achievements of scientists and specialists on very actual problems of agriculture, including selection, seed farming, rise in soil fertility, zootechniya, veterinary medicine, pedigree work, working out the progressive technologies and technical devices for plant-raising, animal-breeding, poultry-farming, reclamation, creation an advanced technology, ensuring ecological and food safety AIC, introduction of progressive forms of organization of production and labour, innovative technologies.

Register Federal department on supervision in sphere of communication, information technologies and mass communication. Certificate PI №FS 77-45227 from 01 July 2011year.

The journal is included in Russian list of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions, where due to be published the main scientific results of dissertations for present thesis for a doctor’s degree and master’s thesis (Resolution of Presidium of HAC from 19 febr. 2010 y.).

The Journal is included in the list of periodicals international database of AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System).

The journal is included in system Russian index of scientific citing (RINTs) No. 562-12/2012 from 28.12.2012.

Complete texts of articles are accessible on site of electron scientific library eLIBRARY.RU: http://elibrary.ru.

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